Do you feel like you can’t go on with your life like it is right now? 


Are you going through or have gone through experiences of abuse?


Do you have feelings of self-hate and low self-esteem?

There are many other situations that can make you feel worse, don‘t let that continue. Free yourself from these negative genetic imprints.


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In our EpigenCode program, together we will eliminate your negative genetic imprints that are holding you back in life.


Day 1: 30min intro call

Day 2: Virtual 1:1 call with our experts 

Day 3: 1:1 follow-up call  

Did you know?

These epigenetic emobossing act as limitations in the different areas of life. They then often prevent us to unfold our own potential and implement our talents, wishes and visions in our lives. 

They attach us to traumas, fears, diseases, and addictions that have been passed on epigenetically, by activating or deactivating the genes based on the experiences. 

Eveline, 51

I've been suffering from emotional abuse for just under four years, and it replaced my confidence with self-hatred.The scariest thing I found about it  was the effect it has on every aspect of my life; it’s not just what’s inside your head. For me, this suffering became debilitating as I couldn't find happiness in the little things I used to enjoy doing. I would sometimes sit in my room and cry, usually for no reason at all. But, when I signed up for masoho’s treatment, and we eliminated my underlying causes. I felt free and finally became myself again.

Charlotte, 41

I’ve never been close to my family and I never wanted to become just like my parents. It was a toxic environment. When I had my little girl, the only thing I would constantly worry about, that I would eventually pass on these negative behaviours to my children. That was my biggest fear. I had tried many therapies but nothing really helped me, until masoho’s transformational formula. I am happy to say that I have freed myself from these underlying causes that was blocking me. I am beyond grateful!

Raja, 26

My single mother, had a tough childhood. Unfortunately, she inherited those bad behaviours from my grandparents. I swore myself not become like her. I never want my child to grow up with fear, low self-esteem or simply go through emotional abuse. So I took the chance on me and contacted masoho. I am so glad that I did. I highly recommend masoho for anyone that has a blockade and wants to finally get rid of all these negative things.