Negative Maternal Imprints

Are you worried which genetic imprints your child might inherit from you?


Are you aware that negative genetic imprints do affect and are passed on to your children and even grandchildren?


The thought that these negative imprints are effecting our children’s development and health is beyond scary for any parent. Find out how you can erase these negative imprints instantly. 


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In our EpigenCode program, together we will eliminate your negative genetic imprints that are holding you back in life.


Day 1: 30min intro call

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Day 3: 1:1 follow-up call  

Did you know?

The area of ​​epigenetic is the link between environmental influences, living conditions, experiences and genes. The science of epigenetics researches how experiences and events, traumatic experiences and living conditions of parents, grandparents and our ancestors are passed on to the descendants and what consequences this has.

Rebecca, 28

Since I was a child I wanted to have children. I love to be a mother. But naturally I was also afraid bringing a child into this world. Since I was a child, I myself always have been somehow struggling with some issues. My biggest fear always was that my children would also inherit these traits. But thanks to masoho, we were able to erase those negative imprints. Basically switch them off. I cannot wait to give birth in a few month.

Alina, 37

My husband and I are trying to have a baby next year. And now with this new Corona Virus, and the fear of not knowing what the future may hold. We were afraid that our children would inherit these negative feelings like anxiety and trauma somehow, or may develop some negative health or mental problems. Since we knew about masoho through friends, we knew about their program. We are so happy that we were able to turn these switches off instantly, and erase them forever.

Kerstin, 32

I had already taken masoho‘s program for my anxiety issues. When I had first found out about my underlying causes and that we were able to eliminate them, I knew I wanted come back for their „pregnancy program“ ( I just like to call it that). I did not want my child to inherit my mother‘s and my negative genetic imprints. I wanted it to be fully erased forever. I am so beyond grateful to masoho.