You have a happy personality, but with a heavy soul?

Are you more confident fading into the background?

Are you quick to assume always the worst?

Are you only feeling better about yourself, if you can do better than others?


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In our program, called the EpigenCode, together we will specify your negative genetic imprints that are holding you back in life to transform yourself for a better future and become an even better version of yourself!

In this process together we will have:  


Day 1: Individual 30min 1:1 intro call

Day 2: Individual live virtual 1:1 call with our expert team member to identify & eliminate your main setbacks (negative genetic imprints).

Day3: Individual 30 min 1:1 follow-up call  


and many more...


It is our utmost wish and desire to help you to identify your underlying causes that are holding you back in life to to become the best version of yourself.

Did you know?

Why so many available offers are inefficient. You may be well aware of the picture of the iceberg. Most of the offers are working on the tip of the iceberg neglecting to identify the real underlying cause of the problem – which is the part of the iceberg beneath the surface. The same applies to our health and well being. To address an issue, we need to understand the real issue – the real underlying cause. Always, the constant feeling of dissatisfaction, under achievement, emptiness is due to the deep, invisible underlying causes.

Luisa, 44

I've struggled with my self-esteem for about a decade. What began as having low moods turned into low confidence and depression. I was never confident enough about myself. I doubted everything, and it even caused my anxiety. Growing up with these emotions resulted in me feeling very isolated. Thanks to masoho, I can again be socially and mentally confident. Thanks guys!!!

Saskia, 51

I have always wished to be someone else, but understand that that doesn't define me: I am me. I think, it was around my mid 40’s that I realised that my self-doubt and trust in myself was getting less and less. My partner and I separated due to my low self-esteem. I guess you can say it drew us apart. I knew that it wasn’t really my fault, but something had to be done. I just needed to understand where it came from and how I can change that. Luckily with masoho, I was just able to do that! I learned about my underlying causes and we successfully freed myself from these negative emotions. I now have the confidence and self-esteem that I wished I had in my younger years.

Abby, 47

I had been struggling with my self-esteem for a while now, and felt low, anxious and overwhelmed on a daily basis. I was desperate for a release from the distress I was experiencing and from what was going on inside.  I actually came across masoho on instagram, I thought why not let get some information. I am so happy I contacted them, it was meant to be. They are such a fabulous great team. Right from the beginning I felt safe with them. Thank you for helping me finding my underlying causes and finally eliminating them!