Frequently Asked Questions.

Who are masoho team members?

You will find more information on our About Us section.


What is the transformation formula?

To de-activate or activate your genes and unload the heavy back to transform your life and become the best version of yourself.

What is epigenetic?

The term epigenetics is composed of the words: Epi (ancient Greek: in addition / in addition) and genetics, the knowledge and teaching of inheritance. So epigenetics is about which additional factors affect our inheritance. The area of ​​epigenetic is the link between environmental influences, living conditions, experiences and genes. The science of epigenetics researches how experiences and events, traumatic experiences and living conditions of parents, grandparents and our ancestors are passed on to the descendants and what consequences this has.

Is there an age requirement?

There are no age requirements.


For whom is masoho?

For anyone that is experiencing hidden setbacks in life and would like to identify and eliminate their underlying causes that are holding you back to become the best version of yourself.


Do I have to come to you for treatment or can it be done via digital connections?

Masoho’s transformation formula is designed to be practiced and performed from anywhere.

How do you perform the techniques?

We provide 1:1 sessions, share digital information and workbooks.


Are there any scientific proof?

You can easily find scientific proof online, as well as at leading Universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford and others. They have put a lot of attention to the study of epigenetics. Throughout the decades of research they have shown that living conditions, experiences and generational influences have a significant impact and they have a continued interest to find out more.


Am I being treated with others or individually?

Our programs are intented for your individual transformation sessions; including personalized and individual 1:1 sessions in our EpigenCode Next Level program.


How many sessions do I need for my transformation?

You will find more information in our Program section about the duration of your programs.