A new mindset, a new chapter: Trust the timing of your life.

Do you constantly suffer from anxiety and panic attacks?


Do you worry too much about your future and that you might be running out of money?


Do you feel lost and think you cannot deal with financial situations on your own?


Do these feelings sound familiar to you and do you carry these burdens of emotions with you?


Eliminate these negative and constant emotions now.

Did you know?

For more than 60 years, research of leading universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Oxford and others have shown that living conditions, experiences and generational influences cause highly disturbing setbacks.

Everything you do now is for your future.

You can handle whatever life throws at you, once you find out about your underlying causes that are financially and career wise, holding you back to live a happy and worryless life. 


Gerid, 51

Originally, I was sort of ashamed about struggling with my existential fear feelings. At first I was trying to cope with it alone. I thought I was lying as I couldn’t believe that anyone could feel this level of fear and anxiety without imagining it, so it was difficult to reach out, but with the help of masoho I was able to fully eliminate my fear and anxiety.

Christian, 39

I found myself in a very dark place that was filled with fear, anxiety and depression about my future. A lot of unpleasant experiences occurred at the same time in my life (divorce), which resulted in my feeling that I could no longer cope with life. There is no doubt that I was feeling lost and my anxiety level was beyond high. However, once I was aware that there was hope for the future, my process began thanks with the help of masoho and its techniques.

Bettina, 53

I love summer. Lighter evenings, longer days, warmer weather, summer dresses, perhaps even some sun if we’re lucky. Generally speaking, as seems to be common with most people I speak to –  when the sun is out, I’m in a better mood. However, as someone who also experiences periods of depression and anxiety, I’ve found that this isn’t generally the case when it comes to my fear and anxieties.

I’m fortunate that I’m in a much better place now, once I found out about masoho and its techniques but, when I think back to a few years ago, I found the summer months to be an immense struggle.

Choose your program now

In our program, called the Epigen Code Next Level, together we will find your underlying cause that is holding you back living a truly happy and fulfilled life.

In this process we will: 

1. Realise underlying cause that is holding you back

2. Identify main setbacks

3. Transform main setbacks in 1:1 live sessions


and many more...


With these steps, we provide you the techniques, to identify and transform your underlying causes that are holding you back in life. We will also provide you techniques that will strengthen your decision making and learn to make better choices in life. Sharing personal workbooks as well as videos.

Mindset is what separates the best from the rest. Find out how you can become the best version of yourself and strive towards financial success.