At the root of all kinds of addiction, there is always an underlying issue that is holding you back to live a happy life!

Do you have loss of control over the amount and frequency of use?


Do you have craving and compulsive using?


Do you have continued use in the face of adverse consequences?

Sounds familiar...?

Did you know?

Our parents, grandparents and ancestors are not just passing on their inheritance via the genes, but also their living conditions, their whole personal experiences, attitudes, fears and traumatic experiences. With the masoho method it is possible to energetically change the gene switches, that is, to activate or de-activate them. The switch is simply flipped, so that gene is no longer active. A de-activated gene is then passed on to the next generations. Meaning traumatic experiences are no longer in our epigenetic genetic material and no longer have an impact on the offspring.

It‘s not that some people have willpower and some don‘t. It‘s that some people are ready to change. Find your underlying cause and eliminate it, so you can finally live a happy life. 

Investigate what triggers you. Find the underlying cause that is holding you back from a happy and free life, and eliminate that trigger.


Claire, 34

If you asked me to tell you what I got for Christmas last year, I wouldn’t have remembered. Having said that; I can remember the day I first encountered with drugs. And that was almost 20 years ago. I still sometimes feel guilty, because I lied to my father, sister, mother and friends. I was told later that I had been weird, didn’t want to socilaize and I had lost a lot of weight. I was not sleeping and I would go missing. I tried many rehab centers, but without any luck. But with masoho, they truly looked into the real causes, the invisible underlying cause or pains that no one sees or treats. I am not clean for 5 years now.

Sam, 39

I’m 39 years of age and have struggled with my gambling addiction for years. I’ve known for a long time but kept lying to myself. I never felt able to tell anyone either just how bad things were. I run a successful hotel business. I’ve been through a rough period, because I almost lost my business. That was when it hit me that I need to do something. I was referred to masoho and researched about them. Man, am I glad I went to them. Not only do they have the best people there. But, they really helped me and got me out of my misery. They really found what the cause of my addiction was and we successfully eliminated the underlying cause, which had let me to my real issue of my addiction. Thanks masoho!

Maja, 30

I wish I could give 2020 me a look into this year. I feel like a completely different person, and my whole attitude towards addiction has completely changed. A year ago, I was stuck in an unhappy marriage, and in order to make myself happy I would constantly go shopping, whenever I felt miserable. At least, I thought it was my un-happy marriage. I heard about masoho, and when my credit cards were maxed and I couldn’t pay back my depth I knew I had to do something. With masoho’s help we first identified my underlying cause, then we eliminated it. I am happy to say that I am slowly but surely am paying off my depth.

Choose your program now

In our program, called the Epigen Code Next Level, together we will find your underlying cause that is holding you back living a truly happy and fulfilled life.

In this process we will: 

1. Realise underlying cause that is holding you back

2. Identify main setbacks

3. Transform main setbacks in 1:1 live sessions


and many more...


With these steps, we provide you the techniques, to identify and transform your underlying causes that are holding you back in life. We will also provide you techniques that will strengthen your decision making and learn to make better choices in life. Sharing personal workbooks as well as videos.

You are struggling with addiction -  but do you know why? The answer is, there is always an underlying cause that is holding you back to live a happy life!