There is always a feeling of emptiness and excessive worrying within you regardless of what you have been doing?

You feel lonely and afraid to stay lonely?

There is never a satisfactory feeling, you feel just restless, but you don`t know why or can`t explain what it is?


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In our EpigenCode program, together we will eliminate your negative genetic imprints that are holding you back in life.


Day 1: 30min intro call

Day 2: Virtual 1:1 call with our experts 

Day 3: 1:1 follow-up call  

Negative feelings can impact your mental health, body and lead to serious health problems. Decades of research has shown that behind each of these feelings there are invisible underlying causes (negative genetic imprints). Imagine them as invisible roadblocks that are in your way without being consciously aware of them. As these are invisible, they are often not detected nor addressed efficiently. This is why you have not found a solution that is effective, even though you have already searched and even tried many ways that make you feel good.

Abigail, 28

My mother noticed my behaviour had changed, and it was affecting my everyday life, including my work. We had a conversation about the appropriate steps could take going forward to find a solutions. She had hear about masoho and we made an appointment form e and that’s when we diagnosed with social anxiety. We identified my underlying causes and now I feel better than ever.

Hun, 36

In the beginning I was a very cheerful person. I can’t even tell you what the cause was that I became quiet and started to isolate myself, staying in my apartment more than usual. I was irritable too, getting upset about things which wouldn’t normally bother me so much. Looking back on it now, he I was just feeling frustrated – I didn’t understand why I was feeling the way I was. Until I came across masoho, I relized that I had many underlying issues that was causing this behaviour. Holding me back to live a happy and social life again. I can tell you that it was so satisfying freeing myself from all my issues.

Sam, 39

Why do I have anxiety and panic attacks? I used to ask myself that all the time. Steady family, good career and no more money worries than most people, but none of this has stopped me falling victim to anxiety. Glad I came across masoho, because I finally got my answers. I had these issues or as they refer to underlying causes. Once we identified them, we were able to eliminate them. And now I can actually truly enjoy my life and live worry-free.