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You have already taken the first step into the right direction by choosing to transform your life. We at masoho will help you become the best version of yourself. You can achieve to get further ahead in life, free from any negative blockades that are holding you back. Whatever difficulties life may have provided you, there is always an underlying cause (or described as negative genetic imprints) to it, always! Our parents, grandparents and ancestors have not only passed on their genes to us via the genetic markup, but also their living conditions, their very personal and traumatic experiences, their limitations, fears and acquired characteristics. These are the epigenetic characteristics.

Epigenetics is an area in genetic research showing how living conditions, experiences and experiences of our ancestors are inherited via the genes. Epigenetics is the link between environmental influences, living conditions, experiences and genes.


Request your free call today to receive further information about how you can free yourself from all your negative genetic imprints (NGI) so you can live a happy and fulfilled life. This is a 3-day personalized , live virtual 1:1 program that can be completed from the comfort of your own home.


You always have the feeling that something is just not right, but you don`t know what it is? Limited in the most diverse areas of life and ultimately always preventing you from getting into your own strength, developing your own potential and living the task that you have set yourself for this life. The limitations that have been passed on to us epigenetically often seem so subtle that it feels almost normal for us to be limited. Our EpigenCode Program is your opportunity to transform your life by completely erasing your negative genetic imprints instantly and permanently. We help you to transform your life for a better future. It will help you, as it has helped many others, to overcome their inner blockades that was holding them back to live a happy and fulfilled live.


This is a 3 day, personalized, live virtual 1:1 session that can be completed from the comfort of your own home.


Marie, 44

If it wasn`t for for masoho, I wouldn‘t be where I am now. I found out about my underlying causes that I carried around all my life. Since then, I am beyond grateful and happy! I knew, what was holding me back, I was able to eliminate them - my life is unrecognizable.

Christina, 39

I finally know, what it‘s like to be happy and loved. I’m living proof that it’s never too late to take back control of your life and take matters into your own hands. After taking the masoho course, I got my self-esteem back. I am more content than ever before and see the world with a happy and content view.

Adaliya, 51

I did not know what emotional baggage I was carrying around all these years with me. When you learn about the real issues that are holding you back, to become the best version of yourself, your life will instantly change for better. Because you are truly working on the real issues. 

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